B&H to cancel Banja Luka - Copenhagen

Now you see it now you don’t … B&H dumps Banja Luka after four flights
On December 1 B&H Airlines will launch its new service from Banja Luka to Copenhagen, with the flights originating in Sarajevo. However, the service won’t stick for long as the airline plans to drop the route after four flights and operate a direct two weekly service from the Bosnian capital. On October 30, B&H temporarily suspended its Sarajevo - Copenhagen flights and announced the route would receive an additional stop in Banja Luka from December. At the time the airline stressed that the flights would operate until at least March 2012.

Although the suspension of the Banja Luka flights will be welcomed by those boarding in Sarajevo as it will reduce flight time, it is more bad news for Banja Luka Airport. Adria Airways recently cancelled its service to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s second largest city as well. Still, the airport will continue to see flights to Zurich operated by B&H Airlines which also originate from Sarajevo.

As a result of the Banja Luka - Copenhagen suspension, flights from Sarajevo will now operate nonstop with an Airbus A319, a welcome changed compared to the ATR72 which was originally planned for the Sarajevo - Banja Luka - Copenhagen flights. The last service from Banja Luka to the Danish capital will operate on December 12 while the first direct flight from Sarajevo will be inaugurated on December 17. No official reason has been given as to why the flights are being shelved although low interest is a strong possibility.


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