New Ljubljana terminal in 2015

Construction of new terminal begins next year
The new terminal at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport will be opened in May 2015, its CEO, Zmago Skobir says. Construction work is set to begin in 2012. Despite a difficult year for the Slovenian aviation industry, Skobir says that the current 13.000 square metre terminal, built back in 1973, does not have the capacity to handle new passengers. The brand new terminal, which will cost 70 million Euros, will be able to handle 1.800 passengers per hour and will stretch over 31.200 square metres.

Ljubljana Airport also plans to build a small logistics centre in 2013 and a cargo terminal by 2015. The company will try to cover all of its costs itself while the passenger terminal will be financed through a loan from the banks, to be paid off within the next fifteen years. All of the planned investments are part of the major “Aeropolis” project. Slovenian media have recently questioned whether the project will be delayed due to the ongoing Eurozone crisis, however, the airport’s management is adamant that the construction of the new terminal will begin next year.

If all goes to plan the opening of the new terminal should coincide with the opening of rival Zagreb Airport’s new terminal building. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is likely to lose its position as the third busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia by the end of 2011. The airport is hoping to attract several new airlines to commence flights to the Slovenian capital next year and in turn regain its position in the top thereby the end of 2012.


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