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World-class RC helicopter flyer Scott Gray designed the latest addition to the Vibe family of remote control helicopters. This range of RC helicopters is the best offering in ultimate aggression in flight performance. This RC helicopter has been designed to withstand the stress of extreme aerobatic and 3D maneuvers, even those that have yet to be imagined. It is features like oversized tail and main shafts, the oversized Sprag autorotation clutch and 7mm spindle shaft that make this remote control helicopter adaptable to handling the most aggressive maneuvers. In addition to this a robust split gear constant-driven tail rotor and a lightweight, rigid structural design make the Vibe 90 SG an unbeatable choice for heli pilots who want to push 3D performance beyond the edge. If you have been waiting and looking for RC helicopter design which has unlimited flight performance with the reliability and the durability to handle the most demanding aerobatics then this model is your dream come true. Your wait is over once you take the controls of the Vibe 90 SG; you’ll know your wait was worth it.

This RC helicopter kit model has fully tunable hi-cyclic head for extreme cyclic response in a 120/140 CCPM system. The driven tail of this remote control helicopter is bearing supported with aluminum shaft. The robust Sprag autorotation clutch and push-pull cyclic linkage is another plus in the design of this remote control helicopter. High efficiency two-piece fan shroud has been added in the features of this RC helicopter. Flybar cage standard, and easily removed, vibration-isolated tank add convenience to this amazing design. To list some other features of this remote control helicopter is dual radial, single thrust tail blade grips, dual yoke T/R actuator, and also includes high-quality FRP fiberglass pre-painted canopy. All-new rotor head system with ultra-rigid dampening is one of the many other plus features already mentioned of this new design. Highly configurable rotor head settings, i-Beam high rigidity frame assembly, oversized main and tail drive transmissions, self-aligning, easy to maintain engine mount system make this amazing design just more amazing and make it stand out as a great addition RC helicopters.

Vibe 50 3D Pro Helicopter Kit JRP9550 was designed to provide outrageous 3D flight, but in a comparatively smaller and more affordable package.

The flight of Vibe 50 is light and responsive. The stock paddles make the flip rate go crazy; it is so fast, that dial might need to be brought down a bit. The hover of the model is rock solid.

Vibe .50 is a remote control helicopter that screams performance. The sleek narrow-profile of this RC helicopter reduces drag for smoother, faster backward flight. Dual-stacked frame creates an exceptionally rigid structure for this model which is vital for mind-bending maneuvers. The 120/140 CCPM is so vital for precise handling of RC helicopters. The flying qualities of this model are a superb combination of precision and pizzazz. And the engine gear ration is optimized to allow the engines to develop and gain on great horsepower.

JR Airskipper 50 3D RC Helicopter Kit JRP9016 is the intermediate to advanced 3D Heli pilot. It is a model looking for an out of the box, top-of-the-line 50 size machine. This remote control helicopter kit come loaded with all kinds of standard features which are only available as aftermarket options on others. Its split-gear constant drive tail rotor allows for full 3D tail control during auto-rotation, while also improving backward flight performance in this model of remote control helicopters. Another impressive aspect of this series of RC helicopters is that it can be built with either electronic CCPM or mechanical (MPM) swash mixing. A touch of class has been added by including FRP canopy. This design of remote control helicopter has an extensive list of advanced mechanical and engineering features. The stacked fiberglass mainframes have been added to the model so they absorb vibration and increase rigidity. CNC machined aluminum high precision gearing ensure precision in the movements of these RC helicopters. Ball bearing auto-rotation housings, metal blade grips with 6mm spindle shafts, and belt-driven tail rotors are features that make this design a good bargain. Large 420cc fuel tank and open tail gear case are additions that make this model a good case for easy maintenance.


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