Mini RC Helicopters

As the technology is advancing so the most complicated things which we have never thought of will be available in smaller sizes are now available in unbelievable sizes. Same is the case with RC Helicopters, who would have thought 10 years ago that the one of the most complicated machines like helicopter can shrink into the size of just few inches? Mini RC (radio/ remote controlled) helicopters are the model helicopters which are very small in size. There are RC helicopters even called micro rc helicopters because they are even smaller than the mini ones and they are also known as spy flies as they are used as micro bots in the government aided missions. These very small ones are not available for sale to general public but mini rc helicopters are. The models available for general public are slightly bigger than the micro bots. They are mostly palm sized or slightly bigger than that. These are although available in both gasoline or nitrogen engines and electric servo motors but electrical helicopters are more preferred by buyers now a day. These mini electrical radio controlled helicopters are preferred because they are cheaper than the gasoline engine ones and they, as compared to gasoline engine, are less noisy and produce less harmful waste.

Recently China has made some great mini radio controlled helicopters' designs that are really very cheap and affordable. These China made mini electric radio controlled helicopters have now penetrated the world market and so other manufacturers are facing a big competition. The China made mini RC helicopters are only available with a 3 channel radio transmitter and these models have lesser options than the 4, 5 or 6 channel radio controlled transmitter models but on the other hand if we see they are almost half the price of American or European made models therefore people who cannot afford to have a 4 channel electric radio controlled helicopter are attracted towards these Chinese designs and the market for these cheaper models is very big as the demand for these models is very high.
Mini RC helicopters are usually designed for indoor flights as they cannot bear the air pressure outside. These are mostly made up of light weight plastic and small servos which serve as their engine. These are generally very quiet; they just produce a bee like buzz sound while flying in the room. These can fly more than just the usual electric RC helicopters. These mini model helicopters have the flight time of about 30 to 40 minutes.

Though being very complicated in mechanism these mini rc helicopters are easier to control and the radio transmitter designed for them is much more simpler than that of a 6 channel radio transmitter. Latest discovery in the mini RC helicopters include the infrared technology. The model helicopter receives signals from an infrared remote transmitter and it works just like the remote of a normal television or a DVD player. Some of these mini radio controlled helicopters are made of metal body and gasoline or nitro engine which are perfect for outdoor flights as they have a great ability to sustain high and low wind pressures because of their weight even the metal bodied mini RC helicopters with electric servo motors are suitable for outdoor flights.
Some of these outstanding features of the new designs of mini RC helicopters have made them a centre of attraction for the buyers and therefore recently a trend of higher sales of these models is observed. If you want to have a great hobby for your past time or just want to have a little fun in your leisure time, mini RC helicopters are made to give you best value for your money and you will have it with you for long time because these mono rc helicopters are almost maintenance free.


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