B&H dumps Stockholm and Gothenburg

No more flights to Sweden with B&H
B&H Airlines is to add Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden to its growing list of suspended destinations in 2011. The airline will operate its final service to both cities on August 31. Both have been operating once per week this summer, with one flight to Stockholm operating via Gothenburg and one weekly service to Gothenburg flying via the Swedish capital. Poor loads are said to be the reason behind the suspension. In the summer of 2010 flights to both cities operated 3 times per week.

The Bosnian national carrier launched both destinations when it received its first jet engine aircraft, a Boeing 737-400, back in 2009. The flights have recently been operating with the airline’s Airbus A319. With these latest terminations, Sarajevo will no longer have a direct link with Gothenburg while Norwegian Air Shuttle continues to provide an alternative to Stockholm, although only during the summer months.

So far this year B&H Airlines has suspended flights from Sarajevo to Belgrade, Vienna and Frankfurt. The airline has 3 aircraft, 2 ATR72s and 1 Airbus A319.


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