Different Types Of Pilot Training

When it comes to reaching the goal of soaring through the sky in an airplane that you control, there are a number of options available. With the various types of pilot training available, you will be able to achieve your goal no matter what sort of flying it is that you would like to be doing. Some of the most common types of flight training include training to become a commercial airline pilot, small aircraft pilot or a private recreational pilot. Depending on what your eventual goal is, each potential path will take you to the end result of getting a pilot's license, but each will place you in very different circumstances.

Probably the best known type of pilot's license is the commercial pilot's license. This is because many people do seriously consider becoming a commercial airline pilot when they contemplate what career they wish to follow in life. You could definitely do much worse than become a commercial airline pilot. Commercial airlines pay their pilots well, and while the working hours are long, especially on long-haul flights, the work is relatively simple, since most modern commercial jets are so advanced that they practically fly themselves. Most of the time, pilots are only needed to make minute course adjustments and for take-offs and landings.

In order to become a commercial pilot, the most common path is to apply to a particular airline for the position of pilot. If the airline decides that you have the requisite qualifications and the necessary aptitude for training to become a pilot, they will hire you as a pilot and sponsor your training, in return for your signing a contract to work for the airline for a specified number of years following the completion of your training.

Getting a recreational pilot's license, on the other hand, is a very different matter. In this case, you will not be getting a pilot's license as a pre-requisite for your intended career, but getting a license for recreational purposes and for the sheer joy and pleasure of flying. The training syllabus for recreational pilots is relatively simple when compared to that for commercial pilots, because recreational pilots learn to handle only smaller planes, whereas commercial pilots have to learn to pilot the enormous jets that are used to carry passengers around the world.
Becoming a recreational pilot is a simple matter of finding a reputable flight school and signing up to take lessons there. Once you have completed the requisite number of hours and gone through the syllabus, you will be tested on your knowledge and also practical flying ability. Should you be deemed to have passed those tests, you will be awarded your recreational pilot's license.

So no matter which way you choose to pursue your dream of becoming a pilot, pilot training is an absolute necessity so that you can become a qualified pilot capable of handling any and all situations that might arise with regard to being in the air and also with your aircraft. And the place to get such training is at a flight training school, whether it is a school for private pilots or a school where candidates are sent to be trained as commercial pilots.


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