B&H to resume Amsterdam flights

B&H back at Schiphol
B&H Airlines will resume flights to Amsterdam on December 15, just over a month after the service was suspended along with Copenhagen. Services to Amsterdam will operate three times per week. The equipment to be used on the service will vary. As it currently stands, two flights are planned to operate with an Airbus A319 and one service will be operated by an ATR72. While flights on the A319 will take just over two hours, those travelling on the ATR will endure a journey of three and a half hours. The resumption will coincide with the relaunch of the carrier’s Sarajevo - Copenhagen service which will now operate via Banja Luka. Those flights are set to begin on December 1. To find out more about the Sarajevo - Amsterdam service, click here.

Meanwhile, in the past three months, B&H carried 38.691 passengers, a decrease of 29.9% compared to the same months last year. However, it should be noted that the airline more than halved the number of operated flights compared to the same period last year, which naturally resulted in the passenger decline. By the end of September, the airline welcomed 104.000 passengers onboard, a decrease of only 4.7% despite the fact that the number of flights were slashed by 38%. It remains to be seen how the rest of the year will play out and whether the negative trend will be halted. B&H recorded its best year on record in terms of passenger numbers last year when it handled 138.241 passengers.


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