B&H to Dusseldorf, Adria to Luton

B&H back to Dusseldorf as Adria moves from Gatwick to Luton
B&H Airlines will be resuming another destination from the past as it plans to launch services to Dusseldorf on June 2. It comes days after announcing it will inaugurate flights to Vienna, Skopje, Stockholm and Gothenburg this summer as well. Flights will operate twice per week, every Monday and Saturday with an Airbus A319. Details can be viewed here.

B&H Airlines has previously flown between the Bosnian capital and Dusseldorf. Flights were launched on May 18, 2009 and suspended on March 15, 2010 due to poor loads. It will be the airline’s first destination in Germany since discontinuing flights to Frankfurt last year. In Germany, the airline has also flown to Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart in the past. B&H had its last major network expansion in 2009 when, besides Dusseldorf, it inaugurated flights to Podgorica, Vienna, Prague, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Berlin. Most were cancelled within a year, although many are set to see a comeback this summer.

Meanwhile, Adria Airways, which announced its service launch to London Gatwick Airport a few weeks ago, has now decided to move the flights to London’s Luton Airport instead. The Slovenian carrier said that operations to Luton will allow passengers faster rail connections to central London and notes its close proximity to main motorways. It is believed the airline will move operations to Luton because of lower handling fees. Flights will operate four times per week, every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with tickets to be put on sale next week.


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