Todays Omaka offerings

 Andy Heap has forwarded this offering from Omaka today (19-01-2012).
Above is the Cessna 172 ZK-PDD (c/n 46108) first listed here on 12-08-1994 using the initials of its owner Paul D Dillon of Te Awamutu. Ownership moved over to South Pacific Amlink Ltd on 28-02-2002.
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Below is Cessna A185F ZK-DOC (c/n A185F-02318) recently listed to Teresa Wilkin of Balfour.
I still think of this aircraft as "Patrille II" the name it carried whilst with W R Jackson at Taieri between 1974 and 1988.
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 Good timing !   The Foxcon Terrier 200 ZK-UTC (c/n NZ2005) was initially listed as ZK-MEG on 13-10-2003 with Graeme Addison of Opotiki. It was sold to Tomino Cacciamani of Havelock on 01-07-2011 and was re-registered as UTC on the 14th.
What you see is not what you get ! This aircraft was built as a Cessna 175 Skylark (Cessna 172 with bigger engine and redesigned engine cowling) back in 1958, and indeed it is still registered a such. Originally power was from the geared Continental GO-300A with its humped cowling. It was rebuilt by Bill See in about 1992 and re-engined with a 180hp Lycoming O-360; and I guess was converted to a tail dragger at the same time. It was shipped to NZ and registered using Brian C Ruffell's initials to become ZK-BCR on 09-11-1995. It is currently listed to Shaun Gilbertson of Wanaka.


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