FLetcher FU24 ZK-BIT

Fletcher Fu24 ZK-BIT was c/n 46, initially listed to Cable-Price Corporation Ltd on 29-02-1956 with its first flight being on 17-10-1956 and c of a issued on 24-10-1956. Ownership changed to Wanganui Aero Work Ltd on 06-05-1957. It carried the name "Ongarue". It was damaged at Waikanae on 13-05-1959; was converted to Mk11 status and flew on 01-10-1964. About this time it wore the pilots name " Lyndsay Williamson".
Top photograph was taken on 07-02-1964
The two shots above appear to be at Taihape. Date unknown and photographer listed as HCPH.

Final view above is from CMM, with the slide dated 11-75.
It was withdrawn from use on 18-11-1975 with 11564 airframe hours and its registration was cancelled on 22-05-1989.
It was later rebuilt as ZK-EHX with a new c/n - but that's another story.


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