B&H to Skopje and Vienna

B&H expanding network for 2012 summer season
B&H Airlines is spreading its wings this summer. After announcing that it will resume seasonal summer flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg, the Bosnian carrier will now also resume two destinations from the past - Skopje and Vienna. Flights to Vienna were terminated last year along with Frankfurt to the dismay of many loyal passengers. B&H Airlines plans to operate up to 5 weekly flights to Vienna with the regional ATR72. As a result, a ticket pricing war between B&H and its rival Austrian has now begun, with Austrian lowering fares over night. Austrian profited from B&H’s pull out on the Vienna service and it currently operates two daily flights to the Bosnian capital. However, it remains to be seen whether B&H will make the Sarajevo - Vienna route work this time around. In 2011 the airline suspended the flight citing poor loads. Flight details for the service to Vienna can be found here.

The national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina will also expand regionally by launching five weekly services to Skopje. Flights will also operate with the ATR72. The airline has previously flown to the Macedonian capital nonstop as well as via Podgorica. Details can be viewed here.

During the 2012 summer season, B&H Airlines will operate flights to Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Vienna, Skopje, Istanbul, Banja Luka, Copenhagen and Zurich. However, the airline is still formulating its summer timetable, leaving the possibility for other new routes to be announced. Both flights to Skopje and Vienna will be launched on March 25.


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