Pilots unhappy with Dash jets

Discontent amongst Croatia Airlines pilots grows
Croatia Airlines pilots are speaking out against the carrier’s Bombardier Dash fleet claiming that the aircraft are unreliable. During the week a Croatia Airlines Dash 8 experienced a minor technical fault, the eighth since December 2011. Speaking to the Croatian press, unnamed pilots say that the aircraft often experience technical fault indications which result in emergency landings and delays. Last month a total of six aircraft of the same type were grounded due to an indication that the forward exit door is not properly closed. “The Dash constantly breaks down. Some aircraft have micro cracks on the fuselage and corrosion on instillations”, one pilot told the “Večernji list” daily, one of Croatia’s largest daily newspapers. Pilots also say that aircraft which are sent for unscheduled checks due to technical faults are noted by the airline as going in for regular maintenance, thus leading to false statistics. Technicians have also spoken out against the aircraft saying that regular annual maintenance for the type takes up to 25 days while maintenance for the larger Airbus jets take only a week.

Croatia Airlines introduced its first Dash 8 aircraft in May 2008. The airline operates a total of six jets from the Canadian manufacturer, which has a capacity to seat 76 passengers. The aircraft has been praised by the airline’s management several times as it burns less fuel and has lower operational costs. Currently, one of the six Croatia Airlines Dash jets is out of service (registered 9A-CQB).

There is growing discontent amongst Croatia Airlines pilots, which became public late last year after their minimum rest period times were cut. The pilots’ union is now requesting for the government to replace the entire management. They were further enraged after their proposed plan to revive the airline was laughed off by the management. The airline accuses the pilots of seeking attention ahead of their collective agreement negotiatons.


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