From 2013-2018, Vietnam will Receive a New Submarine Anually

09 Januari 2012

The submarine will be equipped with Klub-S, anti ship/anti submarine missile with max range 300km (photo : pakdef)

According to some unofficial sources from the Russian media, from the beginning of the month 6 / 2011 the Russian side has begun work on two Kilo 636M project class submarines for the Vietnam Navy.

The first will be delivered in 2013. Expected that Russia will hand over to Vietnam annually to a submarine in 2018.

The above information has not been officially confirmed, but according to Mr. Roman Trotsenko, chairman of Admiralty Shipyard, this company is implementing all necessary work to close on time and handed over six submarines for Vietnam orders. "This contract for us not only great value financially, but also has special meaning. We will endeavor to implement 100% of the components of the project ", - Roman Trotsenko statement on the website of the Admiralty Group.

Admiralty has completed the clearance Novoadmiralteysky entire island has an area of ​​16 hectares, construction of schools and facilities for the closure of the Kilo 636M submarines for Vietnam. "We have invested in purchasing new equipment and the best to serve the building of submarines and underwater vehicles at a cost of more than 3 billion rubles," said Roman Trotsenko.

Admiralty Shipyard Group is one of the most prestigious companies in the field of Russian ship with more than 300 years of tradition.

Submarine Project 636 diesel-electric submarine is the third generation and is the modernized version of Project 877 and 877 EKM.

Project 636M (Kilo class) is considered to effectively project combat capability and is one of quiet submarines in the world. It is a combination of optimum target detection range, the inertial navigation, the most advanced information management system, automatically modern weapons with torpedoes, powerful and high speed missiles of at least 4 Club-S missiles, 18 torpedoes and 24 mines.

In addition, the ship also includes shoulder-aircraft missile and weapons of personal combat crew on ships. Submarine Project 636 is designed to destroy submarines and surface ships of the enemy, protect naval bases, ensuring communications, and reconnaissance .



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