Pulsar Duo # 2

As a follow on from the earlier "Pulsar Duo" blog and the question of the display of registration marks.
Another Pulsar from the same era as ZK-RUS was ZK-KEN (c/n 345) which was built by Ken Rogers of Christchurch and first registered on 04-08-1995. Below I offer three shots of it
These first two views show it at the Easter gathering at Waitahi on 14-04-2001 with just its full ZK-KEN underwing markings.
Below: From the other side as seen at Taieri on 13-12-2003.

Below are three views of ZK-RUS in its earlier scheme.
 Two shots of it taken at Ashburton on 07-02-1999.
 Below. As spied at Westport on 11-12-2005.
Obviously this representation (or lack of) of the registration letters was acceptable at these dates.
So have the rules changed since then ?
From memory the other Pulsars had side markings.


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