Pulsar Duo

Currently there are two Aero Design Pulsars at Woodley Aircraft Services at Rangiora.
ZK-RUS (c/n 325/MAANZ/510) was built by, and registered by Les Rushton of Christchurch on 21-06-1994. It was re-designated as a Aero Design/Skystar Pulsar U/L on 30-01-2001. Les sold it to Nigel Cleine of Westport on 07-03-2005. It went off the side of the La Fontaine strip near Hari Hari on 06-01-2006 and was somewhat damaged. It was then sold to Troy Sutherland on 20-04-2008 and it has been rebuilt and refurbished by Paul Woodley at Rangiora and is now some seven hours into its test schedule. Its colour trim was added today and both Pulsars were wheeled out for a photo shoot. The only external clue to its identity (apart from its new scheme) is its "RUS" marks below the left wing.
Also worked on in Woodley Aircraft Services hangar for some time before moving to its owners hangar was the Pulsar XP ZK-MIV (c/n (294). This well advanced project had been imported from Durban, South Africa and was registered here on 13-01-2011 to Savco Ltd of Rangiora. It is also part way  through its test program and was in for some canopy adjustments.
ZK-RUS is Rotax 582 powered, whilst ZK-MIV has a Rotax 912.
ZK-MIV has featured before on this blog.
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In answer to the HAWKSEYE comment below :-

Rules CAA Part 47
Subpart C - Aircraft Marking   (page 15 onward - seem to give the answer).

Check out :-

47.102 covers Police Markings.

47.104 for Identifiable Paint Schemes.

47.109 Display of Marks.

47.113 Location of Marks


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